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We are a London based consultancy focused on building real-time trading systems and single dealer platforms. We have extensive experience in designing and building fast, reactive web UIs built on top of a low-latency microservice stack. We build everything from fully fledged systems to POCs, and can also help you improve your existing systems or add product streams. Whether it's Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Rates, Equities or FX derivatives businesses, we understand the potential pitfalls associated with handling high-frequency streaming data in the browser, and how to avoid them.

Why Vega?

Building a web-based trading system or single-dealer platform is a complex process and can take time. It can be extremely hard to find high quality engineers with the right mix of skills and experience. There is also numerous roadblocks within large organisations when hiring and retaining contract staff, which all have the potential to derail projects. These problems result in missed trading opportunities, lower trading innovation, higher back office costs and ultimately a lower return on investment. Vega Financial Technology can provide the solution.

How We Help

Proven Track Record

We have years of experience building trading systems for investments banks so hit the ground running. Leverage our expertise to side step common pitfalls and deliver more, faster!

Best of Breed Technologies

Our core technical competencies include the React stack, Rx, GraphQL, Java, Kafka, Kubernetes etc. If there's a mandated technology in place, chances are we are well versed in it.


Time is money and you need results fast. That's why we use lean agile workflows aligned to your project deliverables and timeline, to maximise your ROI.

Expert Teams or Individuals

We provide expert teams or individuals across a variety of disciplines, all with vast amounts of exposure building trading systems.

Fast and Flexible Headcount

Need to ramp up quickly? Want the flexibility to reduce when needed? We provide this level of control, so you can stay in control of your budget.

Straightforward Pricing

No agencies, unnecessary headcount, or hidden fees. Just a simple and transparent pricing model to help you budget more accurately.

Fully Compliant

All our consultants undergo rigorous background checks and are fully compliant with your organisational requirements.

About Us

Founded by Derek Donnelly and David Ashton in 2019, Vega Financial Technology consists of some of the City's best trading system engineers. Our focus is to provide the best engineering talent to build trading systems in an agile and collaborative way with our clients.

Previous Projects

Our consultants have worked on trading systems for the following clients:

Standard Chartered BankCredit SuisseHSBCBNP ParibasRBSBarclays CapitalMerrill Lynch

Consultant Testimonials

From working together at Standard Chartered Bank, I've found him to be an indispensable member of the team. He's a highly motivated developer, not afraid to take on challenges in both familiar and unfamiliar territory, who has continually demonstrated an excellent grasp on web technologies. He has incredible talent in solving the big picture items in a project, able to scale a complex software system to enable a sustainable pace of development in small and large teams. And above all - whether he's donning his black belt in Webpack or writing elegant prose in code comments, he's an absolute joy to work with.
Y. Eves, Tech Lead, Standard Chartered Bank
He is someone who lives and breathes front-end web development. He is extremely dedicated to his craft, detail-oriented and takes a lot of pride in the projects he is a part of. He is always focusing on learning new skills and is eager to try out new technologies and approaches to web development. He is clearly accomplished in his field, and his enthusiasm for staying at the leading edge as a developer would make him an asset to any organisation.
D. Carter, Tech Lead, Credit Suisse
He has strong ideas and communicates them well. When he joined the team we asked him to work on an area of the UI that had real performance problems. He proposed a refactoring which he then presented to the team for peer review and then implemented with a colleague in a fine example of pair programming. He really understands the need to keep work flowing through the system and to focus on value. If a code review needs doing or someone needs supporting to enable the unblocking of a piece of work he will be all over it. He will also speak up if he thinks things are wrong, and when he does so offers a solution rather than just calling out a problem. It's great to work with someone who has a real hunger and enthusiasm for the work. I'd welcome the opportunity to work with him again.
C. Young, Vice President Engineering

Contact Us

Vega Financial Technology

1 Fore Street Avenue, London, EC2Y 9DT

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